Tenant Rules & Guidelines


Veda Living is a community comprised of 567 modern micro-suite units. It is our hope you will enjoy our facilities built with students in mind and that you will feel comfortable in your new home away from home. The goal is for all VEDA tenants to comfortably enjoy their living space. For this reason, it is imperative for the Landlord to ask that you exercise a greater degree of consideration in conducting your activities than you would in a detached home.

Due to the proximity of other suites, your activities will more directly affect your neighbours and you will be more aware of your neighbours than in an individual dwelling.

Your co-operation in abiding by the following rules will help to maintain desirable living conditions for all tenants and make your residence a quiet, respectable place to live. For the purpose of these rules, the following terms are noted:

‘Tenant’ refers to the Resident, or the occupant of the suite

‘Landlord’ refers to the owners, BTC Student Housing Kelowna Ltd. & VEDA 800 Kelowna Student Housing Ltd., along with the property management team care of Domus Inc.

‘VEDA’ refers to 842 Academy Way, 840 Academy Way, 802 Academy Way, 800 Academy Way, KELOWNA, BC

‘Common space(s)’ refers to spaces intended for any/all VEDA residents, including outdoor spaces. Examples include, but are not limited to: hallways, lobbies, gym, games room, balconies, club room

The above rules are designed to protect the premises and to set standards for the convenience of all VEDA tenants. It is our hope that you will understand and respect their necessity and that we can count on your full co-operation.   – TEAM VEDA