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Please fill out the Rental Application to get started!  We require a security deposit to guarantee you a suite. We do our best to accommodate you with the apartment of your choice. You will receive a link to your lease application via email, which includes tenant forms, a guarantor form, and payment method information. Your lease package must be completed within 5 days of receiving your email. Once your application is completed, you will be fully signed up to live at VEDA!

Each suite is ~315 sq ft. Suites are approximately 12’9″ wide by 25’6″ deep.

Rental rates vary between each building. Talk with a VEDA rental agent for more information ( Rent is paid on the 1st day of each month. When paid on time, rent includes utilities, unlimited Internet and access to available amenities.

Yes, the price of rent includes a utility credit of $50. This covers your monthly hydro, water/sewer, gas, water heater rental, furniture and Internet. As stated in our lease if rent is not paid on time a $50 charge will be applied. If you consistently use more than $50/month in utilities, you will be charged the difference. (Note: unless using excessive hydro due to additional appliances, or water due to leaving taps/toilets running without reporting them as a maintenance issue, students very rarely exceed the $50 monthly utilities credit, and are given warnings prior to being charged extra.)

Furniture & appliances included in each VEDA suite: bed frame, headboard, mattress, nightstand, couch, coffee table or coffee table cubes, desk chair, TV & remote, built-in closet, built-in desk, built-in kitchen cabinets, oven, microwave, and fridge. As our apartments are furnished but not stocked; you may consider bringing with you pots, pans, cooking gadgets, cutlery, dishes, glasses, storage bins, hangers, shower curtain, mattress cover, linens, pillows, decor, etc.

No, VEDA suites are designed for single-occupancy only.

We offer 3-year lease terms with the option to renew or terminate each 12-month term. The minimum lease term is 12 months. If you choose to stay beyond the 12 months, your rental rate will not increase over the 3-year period, a benefit for tenants who choose to live at VEDA for the duration of their university career.

Yes, head to our Floorplans page to find a sample lease for each building.

Yes, our underground parking is $260 per 4-month school term. Tenants with a registered vehicle will receive a parking fob for underground parkade access.

Yes, we have outdoor parking spots available for visitors only (visitor parking is not for residents and residents could be towed/fined for parking here).

Pets are not allowed at VEDA, as per our lease. Unless they are visiting us from B.A.R.K.

Guests are permitted to stay for a maximum of 2 nights consecutively and/or per week. No double occupancy as per the municipal by-law. Unauthorized occupancy is subject to trespassing. Tenants are responsible for their guests.

Yes, you can sublet your room, in accordance with the lease. Please note, you are still the tenant and you are now acting as the “landlord” for your tenant. You still pay rent to VEDA/Domus Inc., and you are responsible for collecting rent from “your tenant”. Reminder: our suites are single-occupancy only. Sublet arrangements must be 1 month or longer. More information here.

For 842 & 840 residents, there is a common laundry room in Lakeview Place and another laundry room in P2 of The Pines. The laundry room for 800 & 802 tenants is located in Apex on the 2nd Floor. Our laundry rooms are equipped with card-operated machines. To reload your card, visit the machine in Lakeview or Apex.

Our buildings are located south of campus on Academy Way, overlooking the valley. We are about a 5-10 minute walk to campus depending on your destination and which building you choose to reside in.

The John Hindle Drive and Academy Way expansion has made driving to UBCO easier than ever! Driving to UBCO is now a short 2-minute drive! A pedestrian overpass from Academy Hill to UBCO Campus allows for an even easier pedestrian commute. #workinonmyfitness

VEDA buildings are designed with your safety in mind. There is fob access to the building exclusive to VEDA residents and your own personal key code to your private suite. Security cameras are installed throughout each building.

BC Transit has implemented the following routes:

  • #4: Stops directly in front of VEDA buildings. This bus service UBCO, Orchard Park Shopping Center, all the way to Pandosy Street
  • #6: Can be accessed from John Hindle Dr. at Academy Way (5 minute walk), and services UBCO to Downtown Kelowna

For more information regarding transit, follow this link to Kelowna Transit’s website.

There is a new plaza near the airport, which is a 5-minute drive from UBCO, featuring a Nester’s grocery store, Tim Hortons, Kaya Sushi, DunnEnzies Pizza, Dairy Queen, and more! There is also a Freshslice Pizza, Golden Island Asian Cuisine, and convenience store across the street & down a short walk from VEDA.

Our office hours are available here.

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If you currently live at VEDA, find more information for our VEDA crew HERE.