How to: Sublet Your Suite

Good to Know

A sublet is a short-term agreement (minimum 30 days) between you and another student. You become the landlord to your sublet, and arrange the move-in date, rent payments, and terms of the sublet agreement. You are still responsible for your lease. Note: Subletting without VEDA’s approval could result in a fine or eviction.

Looking to terminate your lease instead? Email our Rentals team to learn more about adding your suite to our availability list.

Make a post on the Sublets Available at VEDA Facebook page. You can also post on Kijiji, Castanet, or any other local websites. TIP: Always post photos when you advertise your suite! Bonus points if they are of your actual clean suite & include the view out your window!

Must be a student and approved by VEDA.


VEDA will review the sublet submission to approve/deny their tenancy. You will be updated by email within 2 business days.

    Original Tenant Information:

    Building: 842840802800


    Sublet Applicant:

    Date of Birth*:

    Enrolled at*:
    UBCOOkanagan CollegeOther

    If Other, where do you study?

    Copy of Letter of Enrollment*:
    (Must have current dates. Expired IDs not acceptable.)
    (Max Size: 10mb | Type: jpg, png or pdf)

    Move-In Date:
    Note: Double-check your dates are correct!

    Move-Out Date:
    Note: If you've terminated your lease for the end of summer, your lease ends August 27th & your sublet must move out by this date as well

    Brand new to VEDALived at VEDA before

    Copy of Government-issued ID*:
    (Example: Drivers License, Passport, etc. Max Size: 10mb | Type: jpg, png or pdf)