Parking Application

    • Our parkades are monitored & accessed by a security FOB
    • Parking spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis
    • Along with this application, the resident must provide a parking payment of $200/term (in accordance with school terms)
    • Parking is non-refundable when the term has begun. If a term has not yet begun, parking payments can be refunded upon request
    • Sublets must pay a $50 FOB deposit, refundable when returned at the end of their stay
    • Residents are responsible for making a payment for the following term before their access expires

*If your license plate # or vehicle information changes throughout your tenancy, you must update your information on file or you risk being towed.

    Purpose of Application
    I would like to register for a parking spotI am already registered for parking and would like to update my vehicle information
    If you are already registered and would like to renew for next term, do NOT fill out this form. Simply make a payment for next term to renew your parking spot.

    Personal Information

    Building: 842840802800



    If sublet, there is a refundable $50 parking FOB deposit
    Parking Terms Required:
    Jan-Apr TermMay-Aug TermSept-Dec TermOther

    Emergency Contact

    In case of theft, vandalism, or the need to move your vehicle for maintenance purposes, we require that all tenants & sublets have an emergency contact who will have a set of keys to your vehicle should you be out of the city.

    Vehicle Information