Movie Theatre Room

The tenants of 800 & 802 Academy Way have access to the Movie Theatre Room on a first-come, first-served basis. Read the rules of the room below. Reserve the space for your movie screening, presentation practice, playing on the piano, & more!


  1. Maximum 13 people allowed in the movie room at one time.
  2. There is only seating for 13 (7 loungers, 6 wooden table/stools).
  3. Be respectful of the room. Leave it as you found it.
  4. Please clean before you leave (a $50 fine may be added to your account if the room is left unclean).
  5. Like anywhere else on VEDA property, your guests are your responsibility. You are 100% responsible and liable for their actions while on our property.
  6. No overly offensive material shall be shown on our property. Although we want you to enjoy whatever you choose in our Movie Theatre Room, pornographic films or films that encourage violence/racism/sexism/etc. are not acceptable, and will result in an immediate ban from the Theatre Room. Please feel free to ask in advance if you have any concerns with this.
  7. Be mindful of noise. This system goes loud, and the room is not overly sound-proof. Use a noise level that is respectful.
  8. No drugs or alcohol are permitted in the Movie Theatre Room. Tenants who breach this rule will have their access revoked.
  9. No streaming from illegal websites. If you are caught streaming illegally from a third party and are found guilty of doing so, you will be held 100% financially responsible for any penalty they choose to serve.

Open everyday | 7AM - 11PM

Offered on the big screen:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • HDMI hook up
  • iTunes Movies (for purchase)
  • CBC, City TV, & Global apps