Bike Storage Application

    • Bike storage is free
    • Bike storage is for tenants only
    • All bicycles must always be locked with a strong U-lock
    • All bicycles must be registered with Project 529

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    Purpose of Application
    Applying for*: Jan-Apr TermMay-Aug TermSept-Dec TermOther

    Personal Information

    Building*: 842840802800

    Insurance*: I have renter's insuranceI am not covered
    Bike Information

    Use at Your Own Risk*
    I acknowledge I will be using the provided bike storage at my own risk. I understand the bike rooms are locked and monitored by security cameras. Bike theft is common in Kelowna and not 100% preventable in a parkade.
    Key Return*
    I acknowledge I must return the bike storage key at the end of my tenancy at VEDA. I acknowledge replacement keys are $10.
    Project 529*
    All bicycles stored in the provided storage areas at VEDA must be registered with Project 529. Upload a copy of your registration below.